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"Flashflood Magazine: Communities Against Imperialism"

This is a 'zine one of my comrades from PDX is involved in. You can e-mail submissions to her at: leyeza at graffiti dot net.

Shout Out For Submissions:

"Flashflood Magazine: Communities Against Imperialism" is looking for
submissions to its first issue! The purpose and ethic of this
bi-monthly magazine is to give voice to struggles for
self-determination and against the oppressive forces of imperialism
on all fronts. Though large and cultural, these dynamics of
self-determination and oppression define the personal experiences of
all of us, in different ways.

This theme of the first issue is: Land and Liberation

What Kind of Submissions Are We Looking For?

We are looking for personal writing, how-to articles, interviews,
reviews, essays, black and white artwork, or other submissions that
describe their subject in an a context of resistance to imperialism.
Each issue has a theme, and articles related to that theme in any
fashion are given preference. We are looking for writing that is
accessible, and that reflects and respects individual experience. We
are looking for writing from people who are interested in developing
empowering relationships with their communities, with this magazine,
and with their own writing/work.
We are also looking for submissions to a Kid’s Page- writing and
drawings by and/or for kids, games, event announcements, and more.

How Does This Magazine Support Those Who Support It?

The first responsibility of this magazine and its publishing
collective is to our communities’ common struggle. This magazine will
be distributed widely wherever we can get it to, for a small or no
cost in venues from bookstores to laundramats to schools, and also
will be available by mail subscription. Any proceeds of the magazine
above and beyond production and labor costs will go into growing the
reach and accessability of the magazine.
We will not compromise the founding principles of the magazine. We
will print a letters page for feedback on the magazine. We will also
have a clear and honestly executed publishing policy so that the
magazine is as inclusive and focused as possible.

A related responsibility is to the publishing collective itself and
to the contributers to the magazine, because they are what sustain
the project. The magazine is starting out with no budget, but will
grow to become self-sufficient, and eventually, able to reimburse
both collective members and contributers for their time.

At this time, we can offer no resources except the opportunity to
publish your important work.

Publishing Policy

We will publish things that are in harmony with our founding
principles as long as space is available. Submissions related to the
issue’s theme will be given preference for that issue, but things
submitted and not printed one issue will be given preference in the
next issue.

We reserve the right to edit any or all submissions for length and
clarity, but we promise that all edits will be approved with the
author before they are published. If we can’t get a hold of the
author, we will either publish the submission without edits or not
publish the submission at all. If the author does not approve of
requested edits we will either run the submission without edits, or
not publish the submission at all.

Founding Principles:

We support the right of communities to self-determination and to
build their lives free of imperialist oppression.

We stand against classism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other
forms of oppression on both individual and cultural/political levels.
We stand for learning to create a common struggle, which involves
breeching silences created by these and other forms of oppression.

We support honesty and reconciliation in our communities, and are
focused on personal liberation as it relates to political liberation;
and political liberation as it relates to the personal.

We respect a diversity of struggle and the diversity of tactics that
are involved therin. We believe in a movement that supports
political prisoners and solidarity with all who struggle against
imperialist oppression.
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