Sasha (militant_mind) wrote in radicalreads,

So let's try this

Okay, a few of you probably recognize me from my recent posts in Anarchist and Anarchisttheory Post. So I propose that this post be used as a discussion to decide what essays or books we should read for our first little Anarchist Reading Circle.

I suggest a few criteria, suggestions not demands.

1. That the work be related to Anarchism
2. That the work be easily accessible online, preferably providing a link for the location of the work.
3. That at least at first we keep the reading short, see how this works out and then we can go from there.

Also how long do you think we should give before we discuss? 1 week, 2 weeks, a few days? Maybe we should have a systematic way of deciding who will pick the reading for the next discussion, or should we all vote on it each time?

Any critiques of how we should do this, any other thoughts. Let's talk about this and get this project going!
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